Ryan Scott, Percussion
Maki Ishii Live
From: Concertante for Marimba


From: Saidoki (Demon)


From: South-Fire-Summer



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Critically acclaimed percussionist Ryan Scott is one of the most illustrious and esteemed Canadian musicians of his generation.  On this CD are his first performances and the North American premieres of three Ishii Percussion Concerti, played from memory and recorded live in performance by CBC Radio 2 with the Esprit Orchestra, Canada’s only full-sized orchestra devoted exclusively to performing and promoting new orchestral music.

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The Heirs of Maki Ishii
“This recording is another brilliant example of the truism that the work of a composer only lives through his artists. We commend Ryan Scott and the Esprit Orchestra for creating an amazing and beautiful performance in which the musical universe of our late husband and father Maki Ishii lives on. This most certainly is an important contribution to the recorded repertoire of his works.”

“At the centre of these performances, Ryan Scott is a chameleon-like virtuoso, who triumphs over the varied colouristic demands and technical challenges. Scott is joined by superb colleagues in the Concertante and elsewhere in the Esprit Orchestra, led by Alex Pauk, who make exceptionally lucid and powerful contributions.”
REVIEW in Gramophone (April, 2012) by Donald Rosenberg

(4/4 stars) Classical CD pick of the week “An aura of tension surrounds even the most delicate passages, and occasionally that tension explodes, much like a chemical reaction. Solo percussionist Ryan Scott’s musicality is as impressive as his technique.”
REVIEW in Canada’s national newspaper The Globe and Mail, by Elissa Poole

(5/5 stars) “What makes it so spellbinding is Scott plays with the ferocity and delicacy of a seducing demon, without one clam articulation, at speeds beyond comprehension, with completely convincingly shaped phrasing.” REVIEW on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and HB Direct by MC Maguire

“Splendidly performed by Toronto-based virtuoso Ryan Scott. Scott’s mastery of the five-octave concert grand marimba is evident throughout...Glorious stuff, check it out” REVIEW in Paris Transatlantic by Dan Warburton

“So it’s not just that Ryan Scott has memorized the parts, of course; he plays them with fire...They are excellent examples of Ishii’s mature style and are played here with brightness, hard-edged thrust and a mastery of tone-color blending. First-rate music, first-rate performance, first-rate audio quality.” REVIEW from New York in Gapplegate by Grego Applegate Edwards

“Il compositore Maki Ishii è stato una delle principali figure musicali in Giappone nel Novecento. Nei tre brani qui eseguiti il solista, il formidabile Ryan Scott, suona un numero impressionante di percussioni, ed è il protagonista assoluto e virtuoso. L’orchestra, perfino quando è anch’essa costituita da percussioni (come nel secondo brano), è un comprimario, talvolta discreto talaltra bellicoso.” REVIEW from Italy’s Kathodik by Filippo Focosi

“The music demonstrates the composer’s gift for creating fresh timbral sonorities situated in compelling, engaging musical structures. Scott and Esprit Orchestra play with exceptional sensitivity to the music’s subtlety and drama. The sound of the live performances is clear, detailed, and atmospheric. Highly recommended for fans of percussion music.” REVIEW from AMG by Stephen Eddins

“Torontonian Ryan Scott is a master...There are many hours of re-listening needed here to savour every little detail”
REVIEW in Musical Toronto from John Terauds

“Scott can play three percussion concerti composed by Maki Ishii from memory. Do your best to comprehend this...This is not your Father’s
Provactive Percussion.” REVIEW in PopMatters by John Garratt

“‎The end-all climax of ‘South-Fire-Summer’ arrives after a good 40 minutes of unbroken tension, swamping the percussion as it tries frantically to resurface and re-assert dominance, ending in a boisterous battle in which neither force emerges victorious. Very cleverly done."
REVIEW in UK’s ATTN: magazine by Jack Chuter

“turbulent, compelling, insistent, startling, exospheric...a superb disc” REVIEW in MusicWeb International by Byzantion

“Scott and company do Ishii and his music a great service”

“The solo parts are here masterfully performed from memory by the Toronto percussionist Ryan Scott.” REVIEW in the WholeNote by Andrew Timar

“All three works are breathing life, movement and action. Recommended.”
REVIEW from Monsieur Délire

Avant Music News: “Pick of the Week” September 14, 2011

The first radio broadcast: The New Edge MIT Campus Radio,
Featured September 13, 2011


Ryan Scott | Percussion
Esprit Orchestra | Alex Pauk | Conductor
Innova Recordings | 809
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